Our Chieftains

Our Chieftains have included Sir Gregor MacGregor of MacGregor Bart., Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor Bart., Angus Stroyan of Borland Killin, David Webster OBE, Charlie Grant, Cameron Taylor of Portnellan, Jamie Macnab of MacNab, Colin MacKenzie DBA MSc FHEA

Colin MacKenzie  Jamie McNab  Cameron Taylor  Angus Stroyan   Angus Stroyan and Charlie Grant  David Webster, Charlie Grant and Herbie McLean

The Champion of the previous Games carries the Shield and Sword, the traditional symbol of a games champion, in procession to the games field. These are handed over to the Games Chieftain, who thanks the retiring Champion for returning the Shield and Sword to the games field. The Chieftain then strikes the shield with the sword four times turning to face each of the four sides of the arena as he does so, ritually invites the competitors to compete in friendly rivalry for the title of Games Champion, and declares the Games open.